Date(s) - 17/09/2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Bermuda College North Hall Lecture Theatre

About Robert
Robert was formerly Head of Research for Bank of Bermuda. For twelve years, he produced the bank’s publicly published global macroeconomic research integral to the formation of the bank’s global investment strategy providing the investment management framework for the bank’s in-house mutual funds and institutional and private client global investment assets.

In 2015, Robert began in-depth, data-driven economic research and analysis of the island’s decline, studying the origins of and solutions to the crisis. He is a Chartered Financial Analysts, holds an International Bond Dealers Diploma (ICMA) and has completed the ACAS actuarial exams.

This research examines errors in economic policy implemented by successive Bermuda Governments over the course of the past few decades bearing direct responsibility for precipitating and perpetuating the island’s entrenched economic crisis.

The presentation concludes by outlining an economic stimulus programme for the island and sketches the modernising financial and economic policymaking reforms Bermuda needs to adopt to support our recovery and prevent similar economic instability and dislocations forming again in the future


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