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Date(s) - 26/11/2017
5:00 pm - 7:15 pm

Bermuda College North Hall Lecture Theatre


Mental Health of Cambodian Survivors After the Khmer Rouge Genocide, Enslavement and Imprisonment: The Ethics of the Cambodian Language translated in Psychology

An educator, activist and artist, Dany Pen is currently pursuing her Master of Science Degree in Clinical Psychology at Walden University in Massachusetts, U.S.A, where she is exploring how survivors of genocide and slavery cope with and/or find resolutions for their trauma.



Using her current thesis research on “The Ethics of the Cambodian Language translated in Psychology” as a starting point, Pen’s presentation will include how mental health is viewed around the world, such as in Europe, Africa, Asia and in America.

Pen will also speak to how cultural differences and language could play a role in unresolved trauma and how unethical research processes could impact real solutions.

Pen will also explore Bermuda’s history and speak to unresolved trauma in connection with European, African and Native American cultural and language influences.

The relationship between psychologists and clients is heavily dependent on communication and when language becomes a barrier, informing clients of research participation, mental health assessment and diagnoses becomes very difficult.

For the Cambodian community where mental health vocabularies are still being developed and introduced, both psychologists and clients are having to use cultural expressions and idioms to interpret and translate mental health symptoms.

Dany Pen’s research paper explores how Cambodia’s history with genocide and slavery impacts mental wellness in the country today; the impact of ethical issues with the translation of the Cambodian language in the field of psychology; and how culture influences communication for therapy and treatment.

Why it Matters

The topic will address unresolved generational trauma and ways to find ethical solutions for mental wellness.


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