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Date(s) - 19/11/2017
5:00 pm - 7:15 pm

Bermuda College North Hall Lecture Theatre


Mark Guishard, PhD, leads the Risk Prediction Initiative at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences. He has 20 years’ experience in atmospheric science, including work in operational forecasting, research meteorology, catastrophe risk analysis, and as Director of Bermuda Weather Service.


While there has been public discourse on the impacts of climate change in many countries, there has been little discussion here in Bermuda about the consequences that we may already be experiencing, and indeed our children will inherit.

With the recent hurricane and flooding activity around Bermuda and the region as context, this talk will revisit current thinking about the changing climate, and examine how it may impact Bermuda. We will discuss some of the environmental changes we are detecting already, and examine some important implications to Bermuda’s resilience.

We will start with clarifying our definitions, i.e.

–          Climate vs. weather

–          Greenhouse effect, global warming and climate change

–          Risk, and how we quantify it?

We then look at risk in the context of some natural phenomena in Bermuda such as rainfall extremes, sea level rise and hurricanes. And finally, the discussion will examine the mechanisms for analyzing our own risk.

Attendees will gain an understanding of extreme weather events as they relate to Bermuda and climate change, a sense of Bermuda’s risk profile and resilience, and an awareness of possible strategies to enhance Bermuda’s resilience.

Why it Matters

The general public in Bermuda may not be aware of the potential impacts of climate change, and generally any opportunity to foster disaster risk reduction and resilience should be taken. Memories fade fast!


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