Frequently Asked Questions

What is ThinkFest?

ThinkFest is a seminar series which celebrates Bermudian academics and independent thinkers.

Who is Behind ThinkFest?

ThinkFest is produced and managed by ThinkMedia, an independent media organisation based in Bermuda and West Africa.

Why ThinkFest?

We felt a need to create an event which would promote Bermudians doing great work no matter where they are. Many Bermudians have left their island home to pursue opportunities elsewhere - for work, education and family reasons.  But there has never been an event which brings the best of the diaspora together - until now.

ThinkFest is more than a seminar series. It provides a platform for networking, catalysing new opportunities with employers, funders and the community at large.


What are the benefits of presenting at ThinkFest?

See above.  A great deal of public exposure awaits those who are accepted as ThinkFest presenters. Employers, funders and other academics and independent thinkers are specifically targeted by our marketing and publicity efforts ensuring that ideas and important research get the attention they deserve.

How can I present at ThinkFest?

Fill in a proposal form by March 31, 2019. If selected we'll inform you shortly thereafter.

What if I live abroad and cannot afford to come to Bermuda?

A limited number of sponsorships may be available for those who have a genuine need for assistance with their travel costs. There are no guarantees but we'll do our best to make it happen if your proposal is accepted.

Where can I purchase tickets to attend ThinkFest?

Online at (best value) or at the door on the day of the event. ThinkFest also partners with selected charities for ticket purchases in advance with cash. Stay tuned for announcements.